Casually Style this Easter with Minimal Effort

Easter is this Sunday and there will be a lot of things to do. From making the kids Easter egg baskets, dying the eggs and stuffing the eggs with confetti, to making cute Easter desserts, and shopping for the cutest Easter outfits. While doing all the things, do not forget about you! This Easter you can still do the most with less. Today on the blog, casually style this Easter with minimal effort in the Casual Slay Dress.

The Casual Slay dress is a one size fits all type of dress. When you do not want to put too much effort, but still want to look your best. The Casual Slay dress comes in 5 different colors that can suit your Easter needs.

Morgan B. wearing a butterscotch orange casual dress with a faux Louis Vuitton gold chain cross body purse

The first color we are loving this Easter is the Butterscotch Orange color. If you have read our previous blog post we are loving the color orange this season. This color can be paired with browns or yellows, and dressed up with a cute chunky heel or wedge. 

Morgan B. wearing light green casual dress with a light pink handbag and light pink lace up heels

The second color we are loving is the light green Casual Slay Dress. This color screams Easter because it is light, bright, and airy. This is another great color option to keep in your wardrobe during this Spring season.

Since this is a light color, I chose to pair the light green with light pink and add a little bit more of a feminine touch. These colors paired well together and gave me a AKA sorority vibe. Color blocking is such a fun way to express your feelings along with your style. Other great color options for this style could be: baby blue, white, and lavender. 

Though this post was short and sweet, I hope you enjoyed a few style and color options you could use this Easter Sunday in the Casual Slay Dress. I hope you enjoy your time with your family and be reminded of all the blessings you have been given. Let me know in the comments if you will be doing the most with minimal effort in style this Sunday!

Also, if you are in the Houston area and interested in purchasing these items mentioned in this blog post, schedule a 15-minute consultation with me for a private in-house fitting or a style consultation for previously purchased Morgan B. Style items! We will discuss the item(s) you are interested in, discuss your goals for the item(s), and set up a time and place to try-on the items before purchasing (only for in house fitting consults). Cannot wait to help you elevate your style to the next level! Until next time... Happy Styling Babe! 

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